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Wi-fi use


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

Adar I 12, 5768
note: wi-fi is a computer technology which allows to access internet without cables (wireless) Let’s say a neighbor has wi-fi, he may password protect it or not. If I crack his password in order to use it it is obvious that I’m stealing. But if he doesn’t assign a password? he may do so because the is ignorant or because he doesn’t care or intentionally using his network may or may not cause financial loss, that depends on 2 things if I heavy use the network while he is using I may downgrade the quality of his connection (his internet experience may become slow) his internet plan. some plans charge on a use basis (they count how many bytes were transfered) some have unlimited transfer plans, so no difference if someone else is using. Most people I believe don’t password protect because never thought about it. My question is if I may use such access since there’s no way I can find the owner to ask permission, and assume that either he doesn’t care or gives permission? or would this be gezel?
Using technology that is developed and sold, without paying for it is always a problem. I do not know what the particular copywrite of wi-fi is, but assuming that it demands registration, using someone elses wi fi is stealing from the provider.
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