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Hasagat Gvul

Rabbi Berel Wein10 Shevat 5763
Currently there are many vendors from israel shops who come to America cities and set up shop to display and sell there goods. These major cities have existing Jewish stores that pay rent-taxes and workers all year long. Is it not a problem for these vendors who come from israel for 2-3 days , set up shop in a synagogue or jcc, pay no taxes, no rent, no employees and take away parnasa from existing store in these vicinities.? I am really perturbed on why thisis not a clear case of hasgas gvul.
If they sell the same items that are sold in the local stores then I think that it is a problem. However, I think that this is a form of support Israel now action and the sponsors have not really thought out all of the issues involved. I also think that there may be a difference between community-wide events and Israeli private vendors coming in on their own. It is a problem. Thanks for writing. Rabbi Wein
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