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Rabbi Baruch Finkelstein

22 Cheshvan 5768
Shalom, I’ve been wanting to get married for a long time and I am young but just the idea of marriage is something that I know I want. But, now that the opportunities for shidduchim have arised, I find myself nervous, self concious and doubtful. I’m so afraid that I wont understand how I feel and that I wouldn’t be able to catch the right one when he comes. How do we know who we are meant to marry? and how do we compose ourselves on a first date?
The way of knowing the right one is by feeling it. You either will or will not. There is no book that can tell you what or how to feel. You will just know when it happens. If you are feeling nervous, just think about some good points you have and focus on them before the date, then you should have the attitude that this guy is realy lucky to be going out with someone like me.
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