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Settling Idol Worshipers in Israel

Rabbi Eliezer S. Weisz10 Shevat 5763
As much as I know, there is one of 613 commandments not to settle idol worshipers in the land of Israel. How can Israel allow by the law of return to settle all of relatives of one jew, although they are christians or they practice other religion. So that we can see in shops in Israel more christmas trees in december than Chanukiyot. I really worry for my country.
The law of return is not a religious law and certainly it should be changed. Not all non Jews are idol worshipers, would that all jews would settle and live a total jewish life in israel. In all cirmcustances the statement in your ultimate sentance is not correct . "UREI BETUV YERUSHALIM" - always try to see the acheivements and the positive side of Israel. Best Wishes esw
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