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Pants for a Woman


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

10 Sivan 5767
Please correct me if I’m wrong. While technically modest pants made for woman (not tight) may be ok, however, if you reside in a frum neighborhood where, if a woman who wears pants would be frowned upon, it would be advisible not to wear them. Thank you for your response.
Your formulation is essentially correct. Tzniut generally, is subject both to objective Halachic criteria, plus the specific customs of a community. Today, when the communities are not as clearly delineated as they were in the times when people remained within geographical and cultural boundaries, it is sometimes difficult to decide what is "strictly" permissible or not. In this situation I believe it is especially vital to show respect for other people's customs, both by abstaining from behavior that would seem provocative or inappropriate in one community, while not being judgmental or patronizing to those whose behavior is less stringent (in a particular matter) than one's own.
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