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Pornography in the Web

I found in my computer hints that my son, 21,h as been browsing pornographic content . It happened before about a year ago. Then, I gave him a book about Shmirat Einaim. We didn’t talk, but he understood my message. Now it happened again. My son is a normative young man, full of precious Middot, prays and studies Torah What can I do? Thank you very much.
There are no rules, every person is different and needs different treatment and encouragement. The ideal way is to remove the temptation, get an internet block from your internet provider. If that is not an option, I think you should speak to your son, don't put him down rather encourage him, tell him the internet is a challenge and a boy with his strengths should not fail the battle, It may be good to speak to someone that knows your son and your relationship you have with him in order to give council first hand.
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