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Pilegesh necessary

Rabbi Elchanan Lewis25 Iyyar 5767
Dear Rabbi, shalom aleichem, I have the following question for you. I have a wife and a son. My son is B"H 4. My wife is 25, but she is suffering from ulcerative colitis and the doctors do not allow her to get pregnant. I would like to have more children, but I cannot. On the other hand, I love my wife and I do not want to divorce her. She has no profession and will be unable to live on her own. My wife is not alllowed to use hormonal contraceptives and is not allowed to have IUD due to the health reasons. Doctors also strongly do not recommend using the diaphragm, since it is not reliable in her condition. Thus, we cannot leave as husband and wife, since we are frum, and condoms are proscribed. My question is the following: can I in my serious situation get a Pilegesh for myself, provided that she will have a seperate appartment.
The bottom line ruling in a case like yours must be at the eyes of the Poskim of the generation. In any event there is no one I know that will allow you a Pilegesh. Not in your case or any other case. The solution they will probably come up with is allowing you to use the condom. There are many Halachic responsa (most are not in writing) that allow that in extreme cases. Try to contact Machon Puah Refuah Shleima
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