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Artist on Shabbat


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

29 Tevet 5763
I am a B.T. for many years but lately on Shabbos, I am hounded by a deep desire to express many spiritual concepts that I feel from my davening a through drawing /painting ( i am an artist ) but do other sort of work for a living. I know this sounds strange - but I really feel my artwork is a form of Avodah to Hashem. Do you have any help for this strange situation? As soon as Shabbos is over, I am back to my week and duties and that part of my brain and feeling is gone.
Since you are not allowed to draw on Shabbat- it is an extremely serious halachic offense- you must find a way to extend your Shabbat feeling into the week. I suggest that on Saturday night you have a Melave Malka- a festive meal together with the songs that accompany it (they can be found in most books that include zmirot of shabbat) and see if that extends the sense of sanctity for a few hours longer at a time when you can express yourself through your drawing.
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