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Divorce in Judaism


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

19 Iyyar 5767
I have a question about where Jews law stands on Noahides divorce. I know divorce isn’t prohibited according to the Jewish law. But could you please tell me is it a bad thing to divorce? If so, how bad God consider it to be?
A divorce is not bad, it is sad. So sad that metaphorically, even the Alter would shed tears over that (Gittin 90b) The Talmud and Halacha do not recommend divorces yet do appreciate the need to break the family unit in difficult situations. Whenever the relationships are bad and the couple can't bridge the differences despite sincere attempts, divorce may be a Halachacly valid solution. In the case of second marriage, the Halacha is more lenient with the separation. (Shulchan Aruch EH 119:3; Beit Shmuel ibid 3)
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