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"2nd" conversion


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

2 Sivan 5767
Rav, coming from a family with jewish ancestors (my grandpa was a Jew form Lvov), I converted 15 years ago in a conservative community in Germany where I lived, not having taken the chance to stay in Israel, where I had the offer at Ichud Shivat to study and convert there by the Rav. Since years I feel the urge to "re-new" my conversion halachically. As "everyone knows everyone" here, I am ashamed to approach the orthodox Rabbanute, and I am afraid about what people think, honestly. Should I dare to ask for a "2nd" conversion? Thank you for advice
I certainly advise you to discuss the possibility of renewing your conversion. This will probably only entail a new immersoion in Mikveh in front of a Beit Din. I would advise you to consult privately with a local dayan about the advisability of doing this in another city, or if he thinks it could be done quietly where you live. On the one hand I understand your reluctance to give the people something to talk about. One the other hand, what you want to do is praiseworthy, and you should not be embarrassed. If you do not feel comfortable with a rabbi in your city I'm sure there is a rabbi somewhere else who will help you accomplish a second conversion with very little fuss.
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