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Separation of the Torah


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

12 Adar 5767
1. Where do I get information on when and where the Torah was separated into Parshiot, and Pesukim? 2. If someone is Mechallel Shabbat in Israel by speaking there on the radio but in America it is only Erev Shabbat may one listen to the Israeli broadcast?
1. The Parshiyot were divided by Moshe Rabenu (Berachot 12b) The Psukim were divided by Moshe Rabenu too. (Taanit 27b) See also responsa Peulat Tzadik 2 156 2. One shouldn’t listen to a broadcast that is broadcasted by means of Chilul Shabbat. (see Bemare Habazak 6 p.102-3)
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