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20 Shevat 5767
I have 2 questions about Krias Sh’ma. 1) Since we are supposed to lengthen the pronunciation of the Daled at the end of "Echad", would it be proper to use the Yeminite "daled" (th) at that point. After all, we do have different pronunciations for other letters all the time. ie: "oy" for a "cholem", etc. 2) I remember learning some time ago, that we release our Tzitzes after "Zera Yisrael Avadecha" or after "Ein Elokim Zulatecha". Most people today release them either after "Kayamet" or "la’ad". Is there any documentation for any or all of these minhagim?
1. Whoever can pronounce in the Yemenite way - should do so. 2. When one says 'La'ad Ule'olmei Olamin' one should put down the Tzitzit. The reason for this as brought in the Poskim is that we say in the third Parasha of Kriyat Shema: 'That you shall remember Hashem's Mitzvot...' - when one says 'Udvarav Chayim Venechemadim La'ad' it shows our Remembrance and respect to the Mitzvot, then one kisses the Tzitzit and puts them down. Rabbi Ro'i Margalit
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