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Return of the Dead via Rolling Tunnels

Rabbi Elchanan Lewis20 Shevat 5767
I read in last weeks parshah a commentary by Rashi regarding people not being buried in Yisrael, will not return to life until Meshiach comes and they return to Yisrael via rolling earth or in one comment via rolling tunnels and pain. If I recall correctly, Rashi quotes Ketubot III which I looked at but not being very knowledgeable, couldn’t find. Where does Rashi obtain the concept of pain accompanying the dead returning via rolling tunnels and am I looking in the correct place for his source? Also, what else do we know regarding the rolling earth or rolling tunnels that you would care to elaborate on.
The Talmud Ketubot 111a (eleven lines from the bottom of the page) is the source for Rashi in his commentary for Bereshit 47: 29; it mentions explicitly the concept of rolling bones and the fact it is painful, the Tzadikim will have caves they can walk in and that will be painless. These are concepts which are widely discussed though we can't fully understand until they happen.
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