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Morning davening Guidelines


Various Rabbis

20 Shevat 5767
In the morning, when the time for Shema or Tefilla is missed what are the guidelines to follow with regardes to: 1. Tefillin 2. davening Shachrit, saying the whole thing. 3. missing the latest Zeman by a few minutes. 4. davening after the Zeman, and also making up Tashlumim. 5. Following the Chassidic Minhagim of davening after the Zeman, when not chasidic.
1. One can wear Tefilin all day ant time until sunset. 2 & 3. One should try and say Kriyat Shema with its Brachot and Shmone Esre until about 10:00 (Fourth Zmanit hour.). 4. Half an hour after Midday (Chatzot - by Zmaniyot hours, not 12:00) if one has not davened Shacharit one says Mincha twice. 5. One may not follow Chassidic Minhagim, if not a Chassid. Rabbi Ro'i Margalit
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