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Fruit Trees


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19 Shevat 5767
I’m a new Oleh with a garden containing fruit trees. I asked my local Rabbi who advised me that since the trees are all older than 4 years Orlah is not an issue. My question has to do with separating Terumot and Maaserot. Our lemon tree has produced fruit and my wife has picked three lemons. How do I go about separating Terumah, Terumat Maaser, Maaser Rishon and Maaser Sheni?
You have to put more than one percent (1\100) of the lenons near the rest of thefruit, and to say all the nusach of the hafrasha that you can fint in the Sidur .Don't say only the bracha of "lifdot maaser sheni". You have to say both the nusach of maaser sheni and maaser ani. You can join to "beit haotzar" and it will be easy to you to give maaser rishon and lifdot maaser sheni. Details in 08-6847325 (rabbi Ehud Ahituv). After you say the nusach, you have to take the one percent of the fruits and put them in a nylon bag and put it in the garbage. Bircat HaTorah VeHaAretz HaRav Yehuda HaLevi Amichai The Torah and Land Institute K’far Darom/Ashkelon
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