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Chilul Shabbat for college

I am currently a freshman at Yale University, and understandably, we are given a huge workload which sometimes makes it necessary for me to break Shabbat(such as use a computer, write, etc.) in order to be able to finish my work on time. If I don’t use the time on Shabbat, I won’t be able to finish my work and it could harm my grades a lot. I’m a Torah-observant Jew, and this situation is greatly bothering me. Is there anything that could allow breaking Shabbat for a necessity such as this?
I have great sympathy for your problem. I have a feeling though, that if you are sufficiently organized, you can do a lot of reading on Shabbat, while saving the writing and computer searches for the week. If Shabbat is sufficiently important, I'm sure you'll find the way to do it (after all, you are a Yalie). Think about your week? Do you have free time at all (If you don't you will probably make yourself sick, some R&R is always beneficial) - can this be transferred to Shabbat? Rethink, re organize, and the time will work out. More than this, consider the great sacrifices that Jews have made to keep the Shabbat. I have no doubt that ultimately, the time you spend enjoying the spirit of Shabbat peace and tranquillity will have a powerful positive effect on your work and marks.
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