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קטגוריה משנית
When washing one’s hands after using the bathroom, does it matter if one uses a Kli or not? Additionally, how large does a Kli have to be for Netilat Yadim in general (does a water bottle suffice)?
The Rama brings an opinion that a Kli is not necessary. Many people are careful to use a Kli, but if one's custom is to wash from a faucet, it is ok. Certainly if no Kli is available it is fine to use a faucet. A Kli may be quite small/ For bread a Revi'it (86ML)is required, but for morning Netila some do not require any shiur. A bottle is large enough but for bread a Kli should be used that has an opening that allows the water to flow freely. When one pours from a water bottle generally the water bubbles back.
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