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HaShem’s Righteousness


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

7 Kislev 5767
How do we know what is HaShem’s response to Goyim who in groups attack innocent Yeshiva students or any Jews for that matter? From what I have seen, these anti-Semites live fruitful and prosperous lives. How do we know what might be their fate after their lives in this world, or, more aptly stated, is HaShem a Righteous G-d in that He punishes the wicked and rewards the good, the righteous, or is this not a simplification of matters in the Heavenly realms?
Hashem is righteous. (Devarim 32:4) Hashem rewards the righteous. (Kings 1, 8:32) Hashem punishes the wicked. (Yeshayahu 3:11)
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