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HaShem’s Righteousness

Rabbi Elchanan Lewis7 Kislev 5767
How do we know what is HaShem’s response to Goyim who in groups attack innocent Yeshiva students or any Jews for that matter? From what I have seen, these anti-Semites live fruitful and prosperous lives. How do we know what might be their fate after their lives in this world, or, more aptly stated, is HaShem a Righteous G-d in that He punishes the wicked and rewards the good, the righteous, or is this not a simplification of matters in the Heavenly realms?
Hashem is righteous. (Devarim 32:4) Hashem rewards the righteous. (Kings 1, 8:32) Hashem punishes the wicked. (Yeshayahu 3:11)
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