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Recordkeeping in the Jewish Religion


Rabbi David Samson

3 Shevat 5763
Can you please provide background - if it exists - to the "profession/task" of recordkeeping in the Jewish religion, or was this important task left to the High Priest/Rabbis? It appears to me that special care had to be taken with religious writing and other writing generated by the faith so that they were preserved, and therefore, did the Jewish religion, from its earliest times even back to the Convenant, recognise the necessity of proper recordkeeping by designating the task to someone?
The Torah was meticulously passed down from generation to generation. The Rambam lists the 40 generations from Moses until the conclusion of the Talmud. He lists the names of the record keepers in every generation. These records where all kept orally until the time of Rebbi, Rabbi Yehudah Ha'nasi, when the oral law was put into writing.
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