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Cooking eggs

I have this long running dispute with my wife for as long as I am married. Finally, there exists a website that can resolve my dispute. Can one cook one egg or must there be a minimum of three eggs cooked at one time? Thank you.
Your question reminds me of the story of the Rabbi who was approached by a couple with a marital dispute. The husband complained bitterly of his wife's behavior, and the Rabbi said "You're right." Then the wife complained about her husband and the Rabbi said "You're right." The rebbetzen, who was listening from the kitchen stormed in and asked, "How could you tell her she's right if he's right?" So the rabbi said, "You're right, too." There is a fairly widespread custom to cook two or three eggs at a time (many cook at least three, while many others cook at least two) but the halacha does not demand this stringency, and I also know learned peaople who boil one egg. Today, since egg laying hens are not kept with males, the problems of bloodspots are reduced. So there is no clearcut answer except that one may certainly continue a custom that one has, but is not obligated to take on a new custom.
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