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Proper way to kiss a mezuzah or Torah

Dear Rabbi, Is there a proper way to "kiss" a mezuzah or the Torah? For a mezuzah should you kiss your fingers first and then touch it or vice versa? For the Torah (in shul) are you to kiss your siddur and then touch it to the Torah or vice versa? Does it matter? Thank you.
Piskei Teshuvot (2 p. 209 on Shulchan Aruch OC 149, 1) brings from different authorities the custom to kiss the Sefer Torah with your lips and hug it as well if you is close enough. As for the custom to touch the Sefer Torah and then kiss the hand, there are different opinions, those whom approve (Shelah) and those whom disapprove (Ari z”l). As for the Mezuzah – the Rema (YD 285, 2) brings the custom to place the hand over the Mezuzah and say a verse upon passing through the entrance. The custom to kiss the hand does appear in later Halachic authorities (e.g. Birkei Yosef), some don’t kiss but only after fixing it and others only stare at the Mezuzah. (Pitchei Shearim pp. 112-113)
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