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Rabbi Elchanan Lewis25 Iyyar 5766
I was married to a Cohen who is Sephardic and not religious. Prior to our marriage I had relations with a gentile. Our son is very orthodox. Is my son still a Cohen? Are rituals that my son has performed valid? Help!! I just learned this may be a problem.
A woman who had relations with a non-Jew prior to marrying a Cohen, renders her children from him Chalalim i.e. non-Cohanim. A Chalal Is not a Cohen and as such, not allowed to bless the priestly blessing, can’t redeem a newborn and on the other hand allowed to marry converts, Chalala and others, a proper Cohen isn’t allowed to. Your son is not a Cohen (but maybe better off in the “Shiduch market” if he is not yet married). Your daughters, if you have any, are not allowed to marry a Cohen. Your son must know he is not a Cohen and should stop performing the priestly rituals.
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