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"Kabbalah" as Reference to Books of Nach

What is the meaning and significance of the word "Kabbalah" as it refers to the books of Nach? Why do Chazal choose this word? Also, how does it differ in context from other citations such as "Kakatuv" or "Shene’emar"?
The writings of Nevi’im and Ketuvim are referred to as Divrei Kabalah. The reasons brought to this name are several among them are: a. Since they received (Lekabel) their prophecy from Moshe Rabenu. (Shitah Mekubezet BK 2b) or since they received prophecy from Hashem as needed. (Rashi Chulin 137a) b. Since the proohets complained (Likvol) over the bad decries they visioned. (Rabenu Peretz) In the Talmud all “Kakatuv” referrers to Pesukim in Torah, and “Shene’emar” is for all Pesukim of Tanach
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