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Womans prayers


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

17 Iyyar 5766
What are the required prayers for women who are not married and do not have children and the times?
According to most Halachic authorities, women’s obligation in Tefilah is similar to men’s; that means Shacharit and Mincha, since Maariv was initially a voluntary Tefilah. The above obligation is only for the Amidah. In addition a woman should say the morning blessings and the blessings over the Torah. The “Shema” is a time bound commandment and as such women are exempt from; yet it is recommended to say at least the fist verse in order to accept upon ourselves the yoke of heaven. Though other opinions exist, women are exempt from the Torah reading and from Mussaf. Some authorities only oblige a woman with one Tefilah a day. Some even say that by saying the morning blessings she fulfils her minimal obligation of Tefilah. As said above, most opinions require two Tefilot a day. (See Peninei Halacha, Tefilat Nashim for further details)
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