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Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

9 Nisan 5766
I have recently become a member of our Shul executive. At a recent meeting the topic under discussion was about whether to allow a particular form of advertising to take place within the Shul grounds, as a way to raise some much needed funds. I personally felt very strongly against the idea for a number of reasons which I expressed at the meeting. Nevertheless, when it came to the vote, I was out voted and the motion was passed to allow it to take place. I know for a fact that once the advertising takes place, some people will object and question how we came to allow it. Am I allowed to tell such people that I personally was very against the idea too, just that I was out voted. Or does this fall into the catagory of Ho’lech Ro’chil discussed at the end of the Mishna in Sanhedrin 29a?
If the discussions are discrete and confidential, you must not breach confidentiality, if they are open to all I can’t see a problem especially since there is no Halachic problem to advertise on shule grounds and there is no shame in holding that position (or the opposite one, for that matter)
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