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Prayer when flying

If I am flying overnight, i assume that i daven shacharit or anything else at the time it is currently whereever the plane is? also what does one do in terms of birkat tzitzit, birkot hashachar and etc. if you don’t sleep during the flight (or if you do?) ?
The Igrot Moshe (V3 96) writes that as soon as it is light outside the plane one may pray as it is regarded daytime for the travelers. One who did not sleep (minimum necessary: half an hour) during the night says all the Birkot Hashachar except: 1. Al Netilat Yadayim - only after using the bathroom. 2. Elokai Neshama and Hamavir Sheina - he has to hear from someone who slept. 3. Birkot Hatorah - if he slept during the previous day he may make the blessings otherwise he has to hear them from someone else. In the case there is none else, he should have Kavana while saying Ahava Rabba. Rabbi Chaim Shreiber
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