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Violence on Television


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

10 Adar 5766
Dear rabbi: About the theme of arab terrorism in north america and the t.v. series that deal with this problem I am becoming a impulsive viewer of a serie named "24" in Fox-television. During the week, in my work, I just get concentrated, work hard and listen a radio station very quiet that uses to perform the repertory of german music. My Spirit is also calmed. When the weekend comes to scene i really want to see the t.v. show because in some way that i cannot explain i do like suspense [to see what happens when there is a threat of arab terrorism and all the computing network this people uses to confront the arabs]. When the t.v. shows finishes i feel that some gap inside of me has just been satisfied. With this gap covered i feel no aim to read any book. My question is, am i being inconsciously hypocritical?, is there any chance that small manifestations of violence in my words could be related to this t.v. experience? There is only one thing positive for me, and it is that i am learning english. Thanks
You refer to "small manifestations of violence" in your words. It is always more ethical (and usually more effective) to speak to others without injecting language that implies violence. If you are convinced that the TV program contributes to violence in your speech - either try to overcome or watch a different program. Why not learn English from books or programs that are less violent?
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