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Studying Shabbat, on my computer, on Shabbat

I am trying to see if I can celebrate the Shabbat the way the Jewish people do it. I am not a convert. My eyes are bad and I need to enlarge writing on my computer to see what I read. But even if my eyes were good. I would like to read and learn from the Jewish sites the things G-d commanded them to do, and the way they live. If I where a Jew, would I be violating the Shabbat. If I where a convert. Would I be violating the Shabbat by using my computer to learn on the Shabbat, about G-d, and the Jewish people ?
Shabbat is for the Jews, non-Jews shouldn’t keep Shabbat like Jews, and therefore i would recommend you to carry on with your reading from the computer screen, as that activity is prohibited for the Jew on Shabbat.
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