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Kamatz pronounciation

Hello rabbi I am looking for some answers regarding the pronounciation of the ’KAMATZ (T) ’ under an alphabet . Sometimes it is pronounced ’OH’ and sometimes ’AH’. I also understand that the ’O’ pronounciation is related to the ’SHEVA : ’ Is there any definite rule for this sefardic pronounciations?
In the so called “Sephardic pronunciation” there is Kamatz which is pronounced “Ah” and Kamatz Katan which is pronounced “O” There are clear (not so simple) rules for defining one kamatz from the other (they are marked the same); – check in the Hebrew grammar books for the rules. Some Tikun Korim mark the Kamatz Katan differently so you will easily tell the difference. The Chataf Kamatz (a Shvah near the Kamatz) is also pronaounced as “Oh”
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