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Converts becoming rabbis


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

3 Kislev 5766
I am a bit confused as to whether converts can become rabbis. In an answer given by R. Chaim Tabasky on the 12th of Av 5764, it would appear that a convert can become a rabbi. However, I was also reading someone else’s discussion on this (visit: ) where it seems that the Rambam answered no. Could you clarify as to what the limitations are, and respond to the statements in the link I’ve provided above?
A convert may not be a king , or be appointed to a communal position that has the power to enforce decisions. A rabbi has no power of enforcement, so the restriction toes not apply. A convert may sit on a rabbinic court for monetary rulings if that court has no power of enforcement according to almost all opinions. If the court has enforcement power, the convert should not be a dayan (judge) unless asked by the parties. (I suggest that since there is a commandment to love the convert, and one finds it difficult to love a judge who has not found in his favor, the limitation is reasonable) If the community elects the convert (i.e. he is not appointed) there are opinions that the convert may take on positions of authority, even if they entail enforcement.
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