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Wedding Speech


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

17 Cheshvan 5766
Please advise me on what I can speak about in my wedding speach from the Torah about marriage. I am getting married on 30 November and would really appreciate help on where to find the info I need.
In the parsha you read before your wedding Yitzchak takes Rivka as his wife. Yitzchak, a lonely recluse, shattered by his mother's death, finds comfort and love in Rivkah. In the next parsha he prays "lenochach" in the direction of Rivka, meaning he has become aware of her, he is sensitive to her needs. Yitzchak's relationship with Rivka is complicated and has many lessons, and can be compared to and contrasted with other marriages in the Torah. My conclusion: marriage is hard and rewarding work.
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