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Chol Hamoed and laundry


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

3 Cheshvan 5766
I find it such a difficult nisiyon not to do laundy or to sort what I can and what I cant launder for the children on chol ha-moed. After the chag it took me 3 days non stop of sorting - laundry - hanging, folding and ironing and I still have piles of ironing. As a mother with 5 children - 2 that wet. I do it but find it really hard, am I doing something I dont need to do or do I have to do this
Clothes of small children, especially those who wet, or clothes that have no replacements, or those thart you use all the time , or get wet and may get moldy (dish towels) can all be washed on CHM. It is a difficult halacha but it is not necessary to apply very high standards in this regard, One purpose of the halacha is to leave us free to enjoy YOm Tov, it shouldn't spoil that enjoyment. OTOH - most people find it takes two or three days to get beyond the mess. That's not so bad if it leaves you time for some other chores as well.
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