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Tumas Ohel


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

29 Tishrei 5766
I am currently taking an Anatomy class in college. There are a couple of jewish people in the class, however there are no kohenim. My proffessor (who is not jewish), who is very understanding of our halachus, wanted to know if he is able to bring a part of a cadavir (a dissected human body). We were not sure because while there are no kohenim in the class, it is very possible that there is in the building at that time (the college is in a very jewish nieghborhood and many religous jews go there). Then one of the guys in the class brought up the issue if there is a chazaka that the cadavir is a non-jew (which there might be because we could assume that most dissected bodys for science are non-jews) which according to his logic would not be a problem of Tumas Ohel. If you could please clarify that would be great. Thank You.
There is no halacha of tuma'at ohel with a non Jewish body or cadaver. I is possible to assume that cadavers come from the majority of non Jewish sources. It would probably be a good idea to get a local psak allowing this so that any kohanim hearing about it wouldn't be offended.
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