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Netilat yadayim for toilet and bread


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

27 Tishrei 5766
If one needs to do netilayt yadayim from a haircut/bathroom/shoes for example and wants to wash for bread can he be "yotzei" the bathroom Netilah by washing for bread netilah?
If one wants to wash hands after the bathroom and to wash for food, he should wash first for the bathroom, say "Asher Yatzar", wash again and say "Al Netilat Yadayim". In such case one should not wash first time a proper Netilah, just a regular hand wash. (Shulcah Aruch OC 165; 1) The Mishnah Brurah ibid 2; gives another option, if one did wash his hands after the bathroom with a vessel in a way which is satisfactory for bread, one can say both Brachot one after the other; starting with "Al Netilat Yadayim" proceeding with "Asher Yatzar".
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