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Eliyahu HaNavi


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6 Tishrei 5766
Hello Rabbi, I would like to know how would the Sanhedrin will be able to recognize Eliyahu HaNavi, when they are so busy with their own issues, and Eliyahu HaNavi is trying to get their attention and everyone are ignoring him? Could it be that Eliyahu HaNavi is here among us, but the leaders of the Sanhedrin are not paying attention? How would they deal with a situation like that?
A. Eliyahu is the informer of Mashiach's coming, not Mashiac himself. (see Rambam) B. The Mashiach will be identified by the rules set by the Rambam to check Mashiach. He will come to the sanhedrin and they will approve him. The move made by establishing a Sanhedrin is meant to unify the Torah leadership, this is the first step. It will still take some time. You seem restless, but we should know G-d has time, he knows a speedy redemption isn't good for us so he does it slow and good. We should have patience. So first we will regain prophecy, then Eliyahu will come, then Mashiach. Things will be clear, we just need patience. Rabbi Yishai Babad
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