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Do I do anything?

Rabbi Chaim Tabasky22 Elul 5765
I recently broke an engagement with a boy because he was not truthful about (unfortunately) quite a few things and led me to believe them. I met him through a very frequented religious singles website. Recently the same website (I guess I’m still on their mailing list) sent me prospective matches and he was there again and from what I can see he is still making the same misleading claims. I’d rather not do anything and not get involved but I wonder if it is the proper thing to do. Several of my friends tell me I should inform the website master especially because it is popular and they feel that ’scams’ of this nature should be addressed. I personally would like to put the whole thing behind me forever. What should I do??
The Torah obligates us to act to prevent others from suffering physical, monetary or emotional damage. (Vayikrah 19;16) This is clearly a case of great emotional anguish, and though it is difficult, you should make the webmaster aware of your story. I wish you much hatzlocha in your search for the right mate.
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