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Unable to Say Kaddish


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

19 Elul 5765
I live a fair distance from the nearest daily minyan. It is difficult and in fact physically taxing for me to attend regularly to say Kaddish for my mother, of blessed memory. I feel bad not attending, but am continuing to Daven at home and expect to get to services on Shabbat, as usual. What is the general thinking on this modern dilemma? Moving is not an option.
In such a case it is proper to appoint an agent (a Shaliach) to say at least one Kaddish at each daily prayer. This should be done even if it involves some expense. In many synagogues the sexton or Rabbi will perform this service, but it can be anyone who takes upon himself to do it regularly. This should be done throughout the year period.
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