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Bracha for Foods from Wood


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

5 Elul 5765
What is the correct blessing for things which come from wood? 1) Cinnamon (tree bark- if it is chewed for example, because as a spice it is surely Shehakol) 2) Maple syrup (tree sap) 3) Takenoko (Bamboo growing tips. Popular where I live. It becomes bamboo, but is not like the dekel branches in Brachos 37a because it comes from bamboo not trees, and the bamboo it comes from is often (although not exclusively) grown for the purpose of harvesting takenoko)
1. Shehakol (not eaten but sucked on) 2. Shehakol (liquid) 3. Never heard of it, from your description it sounds like Ha'etz (a commonly consumed product of a tree)
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