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Prophecy of Disengagement?

Is there any prophecy indicating that Israel would be rebuilt for a time and then it would be partially or completely destroyed again? I wonder because I know Hebrew scripture indicates the Nation would be re-born in one day, and that happened in 1948. I also know that the rebuilding of Israel has been predominantly secular. And, I know that a group of religous Jews believe that the rebuilding of Israel and the Third Temple would be done by Mashiach. So, I am very confused about what is happening in Israel today.
Events in Israel today are confusing and perplexing indeed. I can't point a specific prophecy that predicts the current affairs but we know that the Geulah – redemption - is not a simple process that necessarily goes the way we want or think it should, it will come in the way Hashem wants it to come. We only know one thing for sure, it will come. Even if it takes time – it will come. And all the prophets speak about that.
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