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Advice for teenager boy


Rabbi Gideon Weitzman

16 Av 5765
As a teenager boy one realizes his love and attachment to the opposite gender. At times i have a hard time fighting the yetzer hora and ejaculate some semen. I know there is a big prohibiton and it is also liable to kares . Is there anything I can do to atone for this and i know that halacha says fasting but i cann’t fast for that long. Also is it better that I fufill my urges by hugging a women and touching her or rather to go look at improper sites and this is not referring to a heter, rather which one is less of an averiah.
Shalom U'verachah, While it is natural for men to have certain feelings towards women, and this is essential in order that we get married and have children, it is our responsiblity to control these urges as much as possible. You should definitely not awaken these urges by touching women, being in their company unneccesarily or looking at pictures on the internet etc. If you learn about the importance of not awakening these urges and you think less about them, then you will be able to overcome them to a great extent. Kol Tuv
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