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Buying Teffillin


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

18 Av 5765
Hi I am 25 and am getting married shortly. I don’t really have much extra money to spare and I want to get a new pair of Teffillin as my current ones are old and are not in such good condition. Can I use the money that I usually give to charity (10% of my slarary) to get my current teffillin checked or to get a new pair of teffillin? Thanks
First of all Mazal Tov And for your question, the Tzedakah you give if for the poor, if you are such – you can spend it on that, but since I sense form your question you are not, thank G-d, you should not spend Tzedakah money on your self. You don't need to buy the most expensive pair of Tefilin, a very decent pair that will last you for many years you can find for several hundred dollars. All the best
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