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Tikun Neshama


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

5 Elul 5765
After encountering endless stumbling blocks with every endevour I undertook (parnasa, zivug etc.) and doing all in my power as a human being with just 5 senses to overcome this, I turned to a Rav for guidance through a sphere I cannot see. I was told there is a bad blockage that needs to be opened. I performed the tikun I was given (nothing happened and I was given a second one to do) and yet absolutely nothing has changed. My question is - how can I navigate my way through this? how can I ensure that I am indeed doing the correct tikun? in order to draw my zivug? Many, many thanks for your answer.
I don't know who the rabbis you have seen are, but you should know that there are a few charlatans in this area so you should be careful when getting Tikunim especially if you are asked to pay for them. In any event you should not try to rely on others but only on Hashem. We are taught that the gates of Tfilah are open and even when they close, the gates of tears never lock and your prayers and tears are powerful and can do more than you think, speak to him, pray to him, establish a two way relationship with him. I can't promise you anything since we are not the bookkeepers of Hashem and he might have other plans for us, yet all the difficulties we encounter are there for us to take advantage of them and strengthen our relationship with Hashem. Not saying that asking for blessings from real great rabbis and Tzadikim is not good, on the contrary. I wish you all the best and that may Hashem answer all your prayers for the best very soon.
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