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Davening for others for a fee


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

26 Tammuz 5765
Please explain how we can charge others to Daven for them and if so what we can charge for the Mitzvah. I was recommended to do Tehillim at various Kvarim in Eretz Yisrael on behalf of others and to charge as a form of Parnassa and means to raise money for several Jews I am helping. I need to know how this works. Also can I daven for more than one at each Kever or do i have to go again and again for each Jew who requests? If I do the Sefer Tehillim is it better to do the whole Sefer myself or to get several other women to help do the full sefer in one sitting?
Shalom Anyone can daven on behalf of others; similarly one may daven for himself. It's even better to daven for your self. One can pay for what ever service he wants to, if he's willing to pay me for davening on his behalf – that's okay. The fee should be the normal fee if there is such, or less than that. I don’t think there are rules of how to daven – one Tehilim for each or a group Tehilim, I think you should inform the person who is hiring your services, how exactly it will be done. Similarly you don't have to go again and again to each Kever, same for the sefer Tehilim I don't see an essential difference.
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