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Recovering from Psychiatric Illness


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

10 Tammuz 5765
Our child was ill for many years. He was then hospitalized for over a month in a psychiatric facility and put on other strong medication that he took for two years that gave him other problems. Recently the physician took him off of all medication and he is doing very well. Generally, when kids are put on these medicines they take them for the rest of their lives and are considered shikur for all general purposes of aidut and what they are required to keep, (Mitzvot lo ta’aseh vs aseh) and they are not permitted to fulfill army service, etc. Our son is doing very well and will soon celebrate his Bar Mitzvah and return to formal Jewish education. Is it appropriate for him or us to say Bircat HaGomel?
Mazal Tov You and your son must thank Hashem who has bestowed goodness upon you. He should definitely say the Bracha of Hagomel.
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