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Should any Resistance to Disengagement be Violent


Various Rabbis

27 Tammuz 5765
For the record, I don’t live in Israel. But everyday, I read of the harassment anti-disenegagement people receive at the hands of Sharon’s police. 1000 army personell had already begun violently expelling a few hundred people from the Maoz haYam Hotel and declared Gaza off limits to Jews. I believe more expulsions WILL happen as long as people merely protest passively instead of killing off the Israeli Jew-haters. If I should see a child or an elderly individual or someone just wearing orange being beaten up by the police or army, I’d believe it would be perfectly legitimate to kill that person. Am I wrong for thinking that way? Admittedly, I have a terrible temper, but how can I merely protest while I see a law-abiding citizen being officially harassed for no reason at all?
Chas Vechalila, it is terrible to even think of any violence, physical or oral, against soldiers or policemen. A large non-violent demonstration of dozens of thousands has a big chance of stopping the racing disaster. Rabbi Yaakov Ariel
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