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Making Aliyah


Rabbi Berel Wein

28 Kislev 5763
I want to make aliyah but my husband does not. Is there any hope that I can influence him and how? This is our current situation: 1) both of his parents are nifter, he has no family obligations, my parents are not Jewish 2) our children are young, 4 and 6 3) we rent our home and we own no businesses, we having nothing invested here 4) my husband will be receiving a modest inheritence, enough to start our lives in EY. My husband is a health professional, has not yet set up his practice. I am sure that he would have plenty of of work in EY. I am very frustrated by his attitude of indifference. Is there anything I can do? I have yet to find any Rav or Rabbi in Chuz l’aretz that will encourage him to make this move.
I think that you should try to influence him to make a pilot trip to Israel with you and the children. He may feel more enthusiastic about Aliya when he sees our wonderful little country. Otherwise, I really have no good ideas for you. There has to be motivation present forsuccessful Aliya from America. The atitude of indifference towards living in Israel by Western Orthodox Jews is completely not understandable to me but it is a fact of Jewish life. Best wishes and good luck. RabbiBerel Wein
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