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Genetic testing


Rabbi Gideon Weitzman

10 Iyyar 5765
I am engaged to a wonderful guy and we have an ethical/halachic question regarding genetic testing. we did not hear about it and therefore did not do it while dating. Now that we are engaged, there is no turning back, we have decided that but what we would like to know is, what is the ethical thing to do; to be tested now or not to be tested now? and if to be tested at all or before IY"H we become pregnant? its a very difficult thing to decide and we wanted someones halachic/ethical advice. thank you.
Shalom U'verachah, It is very important if possible to be tested as this can prevent great tragedies and unneccesary pain. If possible I would suggest being tested even before you get married. If the result comes back negative and neither of you are carriers then you can get married happily. If the result comes back positive then you will need to consider your options. If neccessary you can contact me in the future. Kol Tuv
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