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Pidyon Shevuim


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13 Sivan 5765
Every Shabbat in my shul we say a misheberach for the Israeli soldiers who are being held captive. My question has three parts. 1. Would Jonathan Pollard also be considered an Israeli captive since he was "working" for Israel? 2. Why isn’t the world Orthodox community as a whole doing more to secure the release of these men? I was under the impression that for Piyom Shevuim we should use every available resource to obtain the release of a captive. It seems to me we pay lip service but otherwise we orthodox jews don’t really care. 3. If Pollard is in fact considered a captive shouldn’t we be doing more for him as well?
1. Any Jew held by Goyim against his will is a captive. 2,3. True, the maximum should be done. Rabbi Ro'i Margalit
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