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Chuppa Processions?


Various Rabbis

20 Iyyar 5765
My Chatan’s Rabbi told my Chatan that because my parents are divorced they should not escort me to the Chuppa together. Before I inform my parents about this I would like to make 100% sure that this is completely necessary or if it’s a custom that can be forgone for Shalom Bait.
There used to be a custom for devorced parents not to escort their child to the Chuppa since it isn't a good sign. But since it can hurt the parent's feelings we cannot deny them of escorting their child, a parent with hurt feelings is not a good sign as well. So the solution is that except for the parents other relatives to join the escort, i.e. grandmother & grandfather, or aunt & uncle, and walk beside them. Even though the parents will be closer to the Kalla/Chatan the other relatives will be considered the main best-men. Rabbi Eliezer Melamed
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