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What is the Book of Chanoch


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

18 Adar I 5765
Please explain to me what is the book of Chanoch. Is it a fake? Where did it come from? Was it originally written in Hebrew? What does it mean to a religious Jew if anything at all? Of course any other information you feel is pertinent.
The book of Chanoch is a philosophy book from the time of the Mishnah (some 2000 years ago), the book is not accepted as having any Jewish value being form the Sefarim Chitzonim (the external books); yet it is quoted by Rabbi Shimon Ben Yochai for some ideas of the book are accepted. (Maharam Alashkar 117) Was initially written in Hebrew or Aramaic, though today only Ethiopian and ancient Slavic copies exist. Rabbi Ro'i Margalit's answer regarding Sefarim Chitzonim
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